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The Research Software Company provides software development services for academic researchers.

We offer a variety of services, including developing from the ground up programs needed for a specific research goal; maintaining and optimizing code produced in the lab; assisting other developers attached to the project; and more.

Our Recent Projects

Recent Projects


Recent Projects

The YAP Parser

Recent Projects

The Professional Aptitude Questionnaire

Recent Projects

The Nanshe Database

Recent Projects

The Jerusalem Prosopography Project



UCCAApp is an open-source, flexible web-application for syntactic and semantic phrase-based annotation in general, and for UCCA annotation in particular. UCCAApp supports a variety of formal properties that have proven useful for syntactic and semantic representation, such as discontiguous phrases, multiple parents and empty elements, making it useful to a variety of other annotation schemes…

Peer to Peer Research

Peer to Peer Marketplaces Research

Peer to Peer Marketplaces is a fancy startup way of saying, “people share stuff and everyone benefits.”  Ori Heffetz and Daniel Wood, both of Hebrew University, working with innovative startup, asked us to help them collect and structure data to assist their research project on the sharing economy.  We used asynchronous Python code to collect the data…


The INCPM Customer Portal

Israel’s National Center for Personalized Medicine is a cutting-edge medical facility that provides ground-breaking care to its patients. We were proud to help them by building their customer facing portal. We worked with  Ophir Adiv Tal,  at theWeizmann Institute of Science nd created a system that uses a Python/Django backend with an AngularJS frontend.