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CUDA Premature Optimization

By Itay Zandbank | April 12, 2018

One of our projects – a system that performs lengthy calculations with CUDA – started exhibiting strange behavior. It is one of those physical simulations that nobody without a masters degree in physics understands. The code was originally developed by PhD candidates in the lab, and was transferred to us when they were in the…

Introducing pyexistdb

By Itay Zandbank | April 12, 2018

We are proud to announce the release of a Python 3 interface to eXist-db. eXist-db is an XML document database. It is a natural choice for storing a corpus of TEI documents. It does not come with built in Python support, so Python users had to resort to 3rd-party libraries. The most advanced library was…

The INCPM Customer Portal

By SiteAdmin | April 17, 2018

Israel’s National Center for Personalized Medicine is a cutting-edge medical facility that provides ground-breaking care to its patients. We were proud to help them by building their customer facing portal. We worked with  Ophir Adiv Tal,  at theWeizmann Institute of Science nd created a system that uses a Python/Django backend with an AngularJS frontend.

Archaeological Artifact Database

By SiteAdmin | April 17, 2018

One of our favorite things at RSC is making things that are really old, accessible in ways that are really new. That’s why we were especially excited to help Leore Grossman  of The Hebrew University in  Jerusalem develop a database for 3D models of archaeological artifacts.  We implemented in Python/Django with a straight HTML frontend.

The Professional Aptitude Questionnaire

By SiteAdmin | April 17, 2018

Everyone is good at something, but sometimes you need help figuring out what that is. The Research Software Company is good at lots of things of course, and we used some of them to assist Prof. Itamar Gati of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem develop an online questionnaire to assess professional aptitude and offer individualized career…

Welcome to The Research Software Company

By SiteAdmin | April 12, 2018

Hi. Welcome to our blog.  Not much here yet, but all great blogs have to start somewhere.  Let’s start with an introduction and overview. The Research Software Company wants to help you with your research by assisting with software creation, data management, and other digital tasks that are taking up too much time and too…