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The Research Software Company provides software development services for academic researchers.

We offer a variety of services, including developing from the ground up programs needed for a specific research goal; maintaining and optimizing code produced in the lab; assisting other developers attached to the project; and more.

Our Recent Projects

Recent Projects


Recent Projects

The YAP Parser

Recent Projects

The Professional Aptitude Questionnaire

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The Nanshe Database

Recent Projects

The Jerusalem Prosopography Project

IAA Sample

Archaeological Artifacts 3D Display Prototype

Cue Indiana Jones music! Seriously, who wouldn’t want to spend time at a real archaeological dig, finding remnants of objects that have been buried for hundreds or thousands of years. We certainly do. That’s why we were thrilled beyond pottery shards when the Israeli Antiquities Association and researcher Avshalom Karasik of the Archaeology Institute of…


Frankenstein Variorum

Sometimes the job of the Digital Humanist is to re-animate and invigorate something that appears lifeless. That’s what a team of researchers and editors hope to do by creating the Frankenstein Variorium in honor of the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s landmark work. ( A variorum is an edition of a work that incorporates multiple…

Onomasticon from the Iron II Southern Levant

Onomasticon may sound like an obscure Jeopardy category, but it’s actually a pretty common phrase in the world of Digital Humanities. An Onomasticon is a list of names or words in a specialized field sorted in a logical way other than alphabetically. The Onomasticon we created was for Dr. Mitka Golub, of the Hebrew University’s…